Health Effects of Removing Mercury Fillings

When it comes to the effect that mercury fillings have on your health, there are a number of things that are not so easy to determine rather easily. When you come to think about it, there are so many people who currently have mercury fillings in their mouth. These have been here for a really long time, to the point that perhaps you might not really know how effective or ineffective they might be to your health.

Other than that, a lot of people are not really aware of how removing the mercury fillings would affect their health. However, the one thing that we all know for sure is the fact that getting them removed will effectively put an end to the prolonged release of toxic heavy metal into your body. A lot of patients might not know this yet, but when you have these fillings, from time to time they keep seeping into your body, causing you more harm than good, hence the need to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Of course a lot of people would find lots of arguments to support the presence of the fillings that they have. However, in as much as you might support your statement in so many ways, you must also realize that this is also one of your greatest sources of exposure so far. One of the safest possible ways of getting rid of mercury from your body, is to get in touch with an expert local homeopathic dentist. This is a special dentist who has the necessary skills and expertise to help you remove the fillings, without necessarily having to worry about the mercury eventually being absorbed back into your body.

There are so many patients who have in the recent past come to notice the difference in their bodies almost immediately the change takes place. However, this does not necessarily happen to all patients at the same pace. Therefore in some patients the improvement in health might often take longer than it does in others.

You need to however understand the dynamics behind this procedure. Each and every other time when you have a tooth being worked on by a dentist, there is always the chance that your teeth might get inflamed. However gentle the dentist will try to be, this is always a possibility, and in the long run this might even cause you more harm than good.

In order to make some of the necessary determinations, it is important to assess the nature of the structure of the tooth that is being dealt with. Other than that, it is also important to look at the part that remains once the filling has been removed, and perhaps how strong the part of the tooth that will remain will be.

From time to time patients might need to get these fillings removed, and replaced with certain restoration alternatives, so that they are able to go through their lives normally. One thing that is for sure, is the fact that you will only get the best possible help from a .




Is It Safer to Remove Asbestos from a Building or Leave It There?

asbestos being removedDid you know that thousands of buildings contain asbestos? This naturally occurring mineral was extensively used in the building industry until recently. Most establishments built before the 1980s contain some form of asbestos. Despite its high toxicity, this material can still be found in more than 733,000 public and commercial buildings. Prolonged exposure to asbestos can lead to mesothelioma, lung cancer, diffuse pleural thickening and other life-threatening diseases.

Why Is Asbestos Dangerous?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral that can stand high temperatures and corrosion. Before the 1970s, it was heavily used in millions of products, from auto parts and ceiling materials to floor tiles and roofing shingles. Its popularity has declined when it became evident that asbestos exposure may cause lung and respiratory health conditions. Today, this material is considered a human carcinogen.

When inhaled or ingested, asbestos fibers cling to the lining of the lungs, heart, and stomach, causing inflammation. Over time, these fibers build up in your system, causing cancer and other deadly diseases. Mesothelioma or asbestos cancer takes up to 60 years to develop. This explains why millions of veterans who served during World War II have been recently diagnosed with cancer.

Prolonged exposure to asbestos has been linked to a high risk of asbestosis, pleural plaques, and cancer of the lungs, ovaries, colon, and GI tract. More than 45,000 U.S. adults have died of asbestos related diseases in the past 40 years. Yet, over 30 million pounds of asbestos are still used every year in America. This material can be found in schools, homes, boats, industrial buildings, and common household items like hair dryers and toasters.

The Truth about Asbestos Removal

No amount of asbestos exposure is safe. Breathing in asbestos fibers could kill you. Most establishments built or refurbished before the year 2000 contain amosite, crocidolite, or chrysotile. These types of asbestos are dangerous carcinogens and should be removed immediately.

Before initiating the removal procedure, keep in mind that intact asbestos is not dangerous. This material can become a danger to health only if it’s disturbed or damaged. The more fibers you breath in, the greater the risk. Asbestos exposure is higher among construction workers, general maintenance engineers, IT engineers, sailors, gas fitters, plumbers, electricians, roofers, and demolition contractors.

If you suspect that your house or office contains asbestos, seek professional help. A professional can take samples and determine whether or not asbestos is present in your home. If the building contains intact asbestos, you may be better off leaving it in place. However, those who choose to have asbestos removed can seal it or wrap it in a special material that prevents exposure.

Most home owners prefer to hire a certified contractor to handle this procedure. If the price is too high, you can remove asbestos yourself. It’s essential to wear proper equipment and use quality hand tools to prevent fibers from becoming airborne. You will also need a powerful vacuum and mask to protect your face during the procedure.

Wedding Disaster: Chipped Tooth

cracked tooth sketchThere is no end to the number of things people worry about when they are planning a wedding. Of those concerns, there are those you have some control over, such as the dress fitting properly, the flowers, and the decorations. Then there are those you have little or no control over, such as the weather. Well, you can pretty well guarantee that your guests won’t get stuck in the snow if you’re getting married in July, but beyond that, it’s out of your hands. No matter how much time you spend planning for every possible contingency, the one thing most people don’t even think about until it happens is chipped teeth.

A chipped tooth can have any of several causes, and can happen just about any time.  One thing is for certain, though, a chipped tooth can all but ruin your wedding pictures.  If you have one, you may find yourself automatically smiling so that your teeth don’t show, which can make you look less than ecstatic at your special event.  Chipped teeth can be quite embarrassing, making outgoing and talkative people shy and quiet.  It seems like such a small thing, but chipped teeth tarnish weddings for many people.  Don’t let it happen to you.

There are plenty of things that can go wrong on your wedding day, but a chipped tooth doesn’t have to be among them.  If you chip a tooth, see your dentist as soon as possible.  A simple remedy, known as bonding, can restore your smile to its former glory.  Your dentist simply creates a small piece out of a resin material created to fill in the chipped area and look just like your tooth.  Once the resin has been crafted and bonded to your tooth, no one will be able to tell the difference.  Now your smile can be genuine, even if one small part of it was made for you.

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Should Your Dentist Offer Botox?

interactive botox training materialsWhile some people might consider and dentist and Botox similar to oil and water, you might actually be quite surprised how much common sense is in that thought.

Dentists are fully medically trained professionals that have a very extensive knowledge in the nervous system of your head and neck.  The entire scope of dentistry has exploded over the past 20+ years with so much cosmetic dental work that it actually make perfect sense that they should be trained to administer Botox injections.

There are people who have taken courses in administering Botox but have absolutely no medical background.  Your dentist has a full medical background and scientific understanding of your facial muscles and nerves.

Recent surveys have shown that 2 out of 3 dentists are in favor of being allowed to administer Botox and dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are minimal invasive procedures that can plump up thin lips, shallow contours and soften facial creases, remove wrinkles and even improve the look of a sunken scar.

There are a few dentists that believe they should only be allowed to use Botox for certain dental purposes:

YMJ Disorders:

This disorder creates enormous pain and the dysfunctioning of the jaw joint along with the muscles that control the jaw’s movement.

Bruxism (BRUK-siz-um):

Is the condition of grinding, clenching or gnashing of teeth.  Patients are usually unconscious they are doing it and, happens often when they are sleeping.

Although there are fewer than 10% of dentists trained in the use of Botox, that number is changing rather quickly.  As more therapeutic uses for Botox are being unearthed, more dentists will be offering Botox injections.

With the exception of plastic surgeons, dentists know more about the nervous system in your face than most other doctors.  This could make dentists the perfect medical profession for using Botox. On top of that, Botox could be used along with orthodontic treatments such as retraining muscles in order to keep your teeth straight.

More dentists are starting to realize they can reach more people by having the ability offer Botox.  Dentistry offering cosmetic alternatives has grown enormously, with more options becoming available, the use of Botox seems to be a perfect match for dentists to take advantage of.

There are people trained in Botox injections that probably should not be allowed to administer it to anyone.  People have suffered facial disformity and a great deal of pain.  Dentists already have the education needed to administer injections correctly and safely.

Most people would agree they would have a great deal more trust in their dentist injecting them with Botox then some of the people out there performing these injections with no medical background whatsoever.

At some point in time, dentists using Botox will be as natural as getting your teeth cleaned.  The many uses of Botox has erupted on the scene from treating migraines to taking years off a face.  In this new explosion, there will be dentists becoming a major player in this field.

Dentists looking to add Botox to their practice, read more here.


Children’s Toothpaste

Holistic San Diego Dentist Dr VinogradEvery parent knows how difficult it is to persuade a small child to do anything they do not want to do. Even bribery is often ineffective. As children get older, it becomes even harder to get them to agree to try anything new, which is why it is vital to get children into a good oral hygiene routine when they are very young, the earlier the better. Even tiny infants can have their gums massaged with a bit of damp gauze or an extra soft toothbrush. Starting young is the key to establishing a healthy routine that they will continue to follow as they get older. Here are some tips to help persuade your children to brush their teeth twice a day.

  1. Don’t try to scare them.

You know as well as I do that failing to brush regularly and thoroughly can damage teeth, but threatening a child is never a good way to get through to them, and could even backfire.  Stand firm, and if your child asks, give them age appropriate information.

  1. Praise your child when he or she does brush.

Parents are often reluctant to praise their children for doing what they are supposed to do, but it’s actually a great way to reinforce responsibility.  Children really want to make their parents happy, and praising your child let’s them know they’ve done just that.  When you praise your child for picking up the toothbrush, or anything else you want them to do on a regular basis, they will be more likely to continue doing these things.

  1. Use the right toothpaste

You may think you’re in good shape if you can get your child to brush twice a day, but you could be doing more harm than good if you don’t have the right toothpaste (the best option is to consult with a holistic dentist).  Many commercial toothpastes contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your child’s health.  Consider making your own so you know exactly what you’re giving your child.




Holistic Dentistry – A Return to Basics

Dr Daniel Holistic DentistHolistic dentistry is generally considered a great approach to dentistry, but there is some confusion as to exactly what holistic dentistry entails. This short guide should help to clear up some of the confusion and explain how holistic practice differs from more conventional dentistry:

  1. Holistic dentists generally do not perform root canals.

Root canals are not necessarily bad, and in severe cases may be the only way to preserve a tooth.  However, it is nearly impossible to remove all bacteria from the tooth.  Any bacteria remaining in the tooth after the root canal space is filled can cause frequent and painful infections, often requiring painful and expensive procedures.

  1. Holistic dentists do not use mercury fillings.

Mercury has long been known to be highly toxic, so it’s not hard to explain why holistic dentists refuse to place the substance into the mouths of their patients.  The mystery is why, with all the advances modern dentistry has made to creating alternative materials that are safe and just as durable, other dentists still use them.  The good news is many holistic dentists can safely remove your mercury fillings and replace them with alternative materials, and do it without placing you at risk of unnecessary exposure.

  1. Most holistic dentists do not recommend high fluoride toothpastes or fluoridated water.

Recent studies have linked high levels of fluoride to bone disease and certain types of cancers and can hinder bone development.  For this reason, many holistic dentists do not recommend their use.  Some holistic dentists may still offer topical fluoride on the basis that it can help to strengthen teeth.  Other holistic dentists do not use it at all, on the basis that such benefits are unproven and not worth the potential risks.  On the whole, however, holistic dentists do not support internal use of the toxic substance through fluoridated water.

This is not an exhaustive list of ways that holistic dentistry differs from traditional dentistry, and not all holistic dentists approach every aspect of dental practice in exactly the same way.  What you can be sure of is that a holistic dentist will do everything possible to practice in a way that protects not just the health of your teeth, but your overall health.  If your dentist doesn’t use the holistic label, understand that does not necessarily mean holistic ideals aren’t followed.  It is important to discuss all of your concerns with any dentists you see.  You owe it to yourself to find a dentist who can assure you that he has your best interest at heart.


How Can You Know Your Dentist Doesn’t Use Mercury?

holistic dental symbolAs children, we are taught to trust certain types of professionals, law enforcement officials, teachers, and health care professionals especially, because they are highly trained professionals doing a complicated job. Unless you’ve had some flying lessons, you don’t check in at the airport knowing how the pilot is going to fly the plane, and most surgeries are performed with the patient only knowing the basics of the procedure, if that. This doesn’t mean you have to be completely ignorant regarding your health care. If you have an opportunity to educate yourself regarding any aspect of your health, you should always take advantage of it. Blindly trusting any professional puts you at their mercy, which is fine if they are staying abreast of current research and making your health their priority. The problem arises when these people are either not aware of new developments in their field, or when profit replaces your health as their top priority.

The good news is that finding a mercury free dentist is easier than you think.  There are several organizations whose members have made a commitment not to use mercury in their dental practices and the organizations take steps to ensure that members follow through on that commitment.  These organizations diligently monitor their members so that if you go to a dentist that is a member of one or more of these organizations, you can rest assured the dentist is confirmed to be mercury free.  The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology is one such organization with members all across the country.

With half of all dentists in the United States no longer using mercury, there is a good chance you already have a fantastic dentist.  If you don’t know where your dentist stands on the issue of mercury, ask.  You might be surprised.

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Where Can I smoke cigars that are Cuban New York City?

In this series of where you can smoke cigarettes? by Montefortuna cigars, we travel across  the Atlantic to New York! The town that never sleeps comes with an offering that is immense of lounges and taverns. It has been really complicated to chose only three. Listed below are our picks of three of this cigar lounges that are best where to smoke cigarettes cigars in .

The Carnegie Club Based in Andrew Carnegie’s closet, this cigar lounge and club will prompt you to travel back with time! By having an very early 20’s vibe it’s possible to savor a cigar paired with a rare solitary malt whisky. The club also offers music that is live, including ab muscles well-known Sinatra Saturday. Remember to reserve ahead of time as spots offer out quickly! The most perfect place to smoke a cigar, have drink and enjoy some live music. What more is it possible to request?

Davidoff of Geneva in Madison Avenue

A classic for most premium cigar smokers may be the Davidoff franchise. Supplying things from good cigars to high quality accessories In New York you could find their most location that is famous Madison Avenue. This shop has been running for over 25 many years. Aside from a walk that is stunning humidor as well as a vast assortment of accessories, in addition it boasts two cigar lounges. The Davidoff cigar lounge is the perfect method to test a cigar while taking a moment to relax from all of the hustle and bustle for the big city. There’s also a more unique VIP lounge with regards to their best clients. So if you are in New York the reason why don’t you take a moment to smoke a Davidoff cigar in Madison Avenue?

Grand Havana Room Club

The Grand Havana club room is just a club that is private aimed at the pleasures of smoking a superb cigar. You could only enter if you’re a user or know an associate of the club. With different locations where you can smoke and dine it’s positively the cigar cigarette smokers’ heaven. In addition has a humidor that is large lockers where members may hold their particular cigars stored in perfect conditions. Definitely the type or style of club we at Montefortuna wish to be part of!


Why Should You Pursue a Botox Course Provider Online?

Every year, cosmetic procedures grow amongst the types of procedures that patients choose to have. Meaning, more and more people are choosing to target areas of their body to achieve the look they desire through Botox injections. Botox allows people to freshen up their bodies, without having to undergo surgery or worrying about unwanted scarring. Plus, it works quick to deliver the results desired.

As more and more people pursue adjustments to their body, this additional medical training will increase your income like never before. If you are considering to cash in on this job field, then consider finishing the training it requires online. If you are unsure about finding an online Botox course provider, then consider the benefits down below.

Houston Botox Course

1. Minimal Up-Front Costs

By training online, you will have minimal up-front costs. You are only going to pay for the course you choose and the material costs for the class. This can easily be paid back after the first treatments you give to patients. Not to mention the fact that Botox treatments are very fast, providing you with a higher profitability to time ratio.

2. Latest Knowledge

When you are choosing an online program, you will be provided with the most current knowledge and training in the current industry. This includes the current injectables offered, as they are constantly being improved and updated by the FDA. Plus, by choosing an online program, you will receive education right from the source: healthcare professionals with experience in giving Botox and reaping the benefits from it.

3. 24/7 Access to Your Classes

When pursuing online Botox training, you will be able to study on your own time, from your home. You will always have access to your classes and education, with the ability to directly chat with your teacher.

4. Education Tailored to Your Job Position

Not to mention, each Botox training program is based on your unique skill set and abilities. Whether you are a medical professional, team member who isn’t able to inject, or any other professional, you will receive training that is specific to you.

5. Learn Advanced, Hands-On Techniques

By learning online and watching educational videos, you will be thoroughly prepared for the hands-on training to any program. You’ll have to pass the test online prior to the hands-on lesson as well, so that you know the basics like the back of your hand. Once you’ve completed the online training, however, you will be well on your way to giving Botox injections to your patients.

By choosing an online program for your Botox courses, you will learn from top physicians, dentists, and healthcare professionals. Their knowledge and expertise will teach you how to integrate Botox procedures directly into your office.

Plus, once you’ve finished your education online, you can go ahead and implement what you have learned into your practice right away. As you know, Botox injections are increasing in cosmetic procedures among patients throughout the world; take advantage of this market and increase your income today.

For those looking for a live patient / hands-on Botox program in , see

Custom Sliding Closet Doors

Los Angeles Sliding Closet DoorsDouble check, then – act

Sliding closet doors enrich any room

Instead of hiding your closet, make it a central part of your interior. The perfect way to achieve it is the custom sliding closet doors that can do miracles in your interior when used wisely. Great variety of mechanisms and materials allow designers not only create great functional spaces, but also fantastic stylistic solutions.

Custom sliding closet doors go in all shapes and colors

According to KNR Sliding & Glass Doors Culver City, some people neglect it, but designers know for sure how a color, material, and even a texture can set a tone for the entire interior and become a starting point in the design of a room. Therefore, the options available on the market is only the first step in choosing the right custom sliding closet door. The KNR can help you with a professional advice, great variety of choices and perfect quality.

Carefully select the materials

Make sure that the materials you use for your custom sliding closet door will meet your needs and expectations. The KNR Sliding Doors offer the entire range of sliding door materials. Here you will definitely find something for your taste.


New designer trend – barn sliding doors

Custom Made Barn DoorBarn sliding doors have marked a new era in the interior design. Nowadays we can see the increasing number of modern spaces with bits of farm details there. Barn sliding doors are a vivid example and can boast about being one of the most popular and widely used elements in today’s urban spaces. No wonder that such a detail as barn sliding doors has gained such a popularity. The point is that they can mix with any interior, liven it up and add extra comfort and rustic coziness to a room or place.

According to designers, it is a good idea to opt for barn sliding door in places that have relatively wide openings and with no clearance for a regular door. In fact, there is no bad room for barn sliding doors. They can suit almost everywhere blending in with the modern styles and adding farm and homey flavor to the interior.

By no means, it is necessary to highlight and strengthen the rustic element with some other elements of décor that will match the farm style. As an option, these can be the nightstands in a bedroom, coffee table in the living room or a table in the dining room and kitchen. Window frames and other similar elements can also serve as a great matching piece for those unique sliding doors.

If your aim is to liven up the room and add it some rustic charm – barn sliding doors is the right choice for you. However large in size, the barn sliding doors will create an unforgettable atmosphere of relax and comfort at your house. In addition, they go in a variety of sizes, materials, and styles. So there is definitely something for you to choose from. Try consulting builders and designers before buying all the necessary barn sliding doors hardware to make sure it will fit your room and will meet other construction factors that should be taken into account.