Where Can I smoke cigars that are Cuban New York City?

In this series of where you can smoke cigarettes? by Montefortuna cigars, we travel across  the Atlantic to New York! The town that never sleeps comes with an offering that is immense of lounges and taverns. It has been really complicated to chose only three. Listed below are our picks of three of this cigar lounges that are best where to smoke cigarettes cigars in New York.

The Carnegie Club Based in Andrew Carnegie’s closet, this cigar lounge and club will prompt you to travel back with time! By having an very early 20’s vibe it’s possible to savor a cigar paired with a rare solitary malt whisky. The club also offers music that is live, including ab muscles well-known Sinatra Saturday. Remember to reserve ahead of time as spots offer out quickly! The most perfect place to smoke a cigar, have drink and enjoy some live music. What more is it possible to request?

Davidoff of Geneva in Madison Avenue

A classic for most premium cigar smokers may be the Davidoff franchise. Supplying things from good cigars to high quality accessories In New York you could find their most location that is famous Madison Avenue. This shop has been running for over 25 many years. Aside from a walk that is stunning humidor as well as a vast assortment of accessories, in addition it boasts two cigar lounges. The Davidoff cigar lounge is the perfect method to test a cigar while taking a moment to relax from all of the hustle and bustle for the big city. There’s also a more unique VIP lounge with regards to their best clients. So if you are in New York the reason why don’t you take a moment to smoke a Davidoff cigar in Madison Avenue?

Grand Havana Room Club

The Grand Havana club room is just a club that is private aimed at the pleasures of smoking a superb cigar. You could only enter if you’re a user or know an associate of the club. With different locations where you can smoke and dine it’s positively the cigar cigarette smokers’ heaven. In addition has a humidor that is large lockers where members may hold their particular cigars stored in perfect conditions. Definitely the type or style of club we at Montefortuna wish to be part of!



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